We moved to France in July 2019 here is the story about our farmhouse and our adventure to date:

It was time for a change. After a week of flu in the Italian lakes, Simon (Software Engineer) worked while Nicola (Project Manager) slept. This happened far too often working so hard to finally get some time off. When at last we relaxed one of us usually got ill. We still love what we do, but we had to change the pace of our lifestyle.

Thank goodness we had a fabulous view. As a software engineer Simon just logged in to work and cleared down his busy schedule. He started a new client project with a fast turn around and that helped to pay for our lost holiday time together. What could we possibly complain about while working from a hotel balcony with a great view?

Here is a little video intriducing ourselves

When I got better towards the end of our break we had bright ideas of staying on for another week or taking another holiday the following month. Funnily enough, work eased off and we actually got to spend time visiting the whole family. It was a good sign?

We realised that we were actually incredibly fashionable digital nomads. Wherever there is an internet connection that’s our home…

This makes me chuckle when I think back because that was the beginning of Simon’s great escape to France. I wasn’t convinced at first, but as you can see from our growing website https://notesfromlechassaing.co.uk we carved out our revitalised lifestyle focusing on all the lovely things we love to see and do in our spare time. This is the part where we can now invite you to visit and share renovation ideas, homestyle, art, DIY, fashion, food, music, gifts, events, environment, gardening, flowers, health ……

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About Our Farmhouse the first glimpse:

Here is a link to the video on our YouTube Channel
We began looking for a place in France. Not too far from the UK but far enough to enjoy a longer summer season. We love the seasons and also love the way this changes our mood, style, and food choices. Our Farmhouse and barn are rural and modest but with enough space to create and share our experiences.

It is important to note that our blog is not a how-to guide with all the do’s and do not’s of living in Creuse. This is an online place for us to record and share our adventures. Feel free to ask us questions but please understand we are not expert renovators we are just a couple on a DIY mission to renovate. The advice and research that we completed at the time may well have changed or may not meet your expectations or standards. This is fine we’re all different.

All the posts about our Farmhouse from the beginning to date can be found in date order most recent first on the home page here. Use the arrows < > to go backward and forward in time at the bottom of every page. We love to see your comments and learn about your latest project. Definitely get in touch and we will do our best to get back to you.

Sketch plan: