Blissful Ha! I think NOT – When it snows we can take a view that we could be stuck in the house with the heating turned up to max or that we have the perfect opportunity to see our world brighter, whiter with its blanket of snow. That’s why we always decide to take a blissful walk in the snow.

How do we change our gloomy winter mindset?
It’s not good to feel closed in
Today’s pictures from our blissful walkin the snow
Embrace the challenge
Can you truly have a blissful lifestyle?


Our older relatives complain about the cold weather and worry about slips and trips that might cause pain or long-term damage. I can completely understand that. It’s best to be a little prepared to make the best of a snowy weather event. I don’t simply mean buy an extra can of beans and put a jumper on, although that is a good plan. We need to look after our mental wellbeing too. It’s critical to keep the winter blues away.


Yes, it’s cold. Hold on! Before we crank up the heating for the day get a breath of fresh air. If you can’t get outside wrap up warm and open a window just for a moment. The air is filled with oxygen bringing energy to your heart and lungs a blast of fresh air will literally brighten the day. During the winter months fill up your bird feeders and watch your feathered community thrive at your bird feeding table. Make sure you have books ready to read, hot drinks to take off the chill. If you get cold move around, bake, or make soup for a comforting treat.

I know it sounds idyllically simple, life can be blissful. When completely in despair, fresh air can make a world of difference, if only for a fleeting moment, take it. When we begin our day with a blissful walk in the snow that’s what we have set our minds to expect.



We try to embrace the winter months. Yes, the snow isn’t always blissful. It can be inconvenient and the rain can be utterly miserable especially if you had plans. The days are short and the evening will soon arrive so enjoy the crisp and fresh moments that follow the snowfall. A glimpse of sunshine is all you need.

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Have you asked yourself what you need to make yourself happy? If what you are doing doesn’t make you happy then how on earth can you change it? We asked ourselves these questions and made some fairly dramatic changes in some aspects of life but not in others.

We still do the same job to earn money but we have focused on the elements that we truly love and that has made our work so much more enjoyable and fruitful. We have chosen to reduce exposure to certain news media and take a broader view. We are lucky to both have a strong work ethic and have both been raised in a stable family environment within a rich continent. Therefore we owe it to ourselves and to whoever is interested in following our journey to make the very best of the luck that we have been given.

Sometimes the obvious choices are right before us but we make excuses every day to keep making the same mistakes. A tiny step in the right direction every day can make a world of difference. My current excuses are preventing me from learning more French language to enhance my lifestyle and integrate further into our community. I know that I need to practice every day but I make excuses and fill my time with other pressing jobs. What excuses are you making this week? How will you change direction with one small action today?

OK so I’m off to practice some French now, but I’m sure some wood needs putting on the fire and a big mug of hot chocolate needs to be made before I start so that I can continue being blissful in the snow!

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