This week at Le Chassaing Simon finished the plumbing in of the shower. What a fabulous achievement. I’m so proud of him and his expansive vocabulary of sware words that help him along his way. Simon will post his version of events with more details and images for those of you who are interested in the nitty-gritty here.

temporary shower
Temporary shower goodbye we loved you and were so thankful for you this summer.

With the shower, sink, and kitchen phase 1 completed, phase 2 begins. ‘Proper drainage’. The Fosse Septiqe site inspection is due next week. SPANC assess and the site, the contractors fit the tank, SPANC inspects and signs off the tank and we connect the drains into the tank. It sounds simple but I’m quite sure a drama will unfold.

To kick us off in to phase 2 Simon has got his big drill out again (happy boy) and is in the process of making a 4 inch sewage pipe hole.

In other news, Bert managed to eat two socks this week and sick them up in the early hours. It’s his way of getting attention when there has been far too much focus on household chores.

‘I’m always such a good pooch’

The temperature has cooled significantly to a very reasonable 20-25 degrees. We had a beautiful walk through the local villages and hamlets. We have discovered lots of new ideas for improving our home along the way. Can’t wait to do the same walk with our visitors.
Give us a buzz and get booked in for 2020. x

Simon and I met up in Paris for lunch when I returned to the UK after visiting family. What a welcome treat. I got some amazing images of Buxton from the air!

On Friday we welcome our first guests (Ma & Pa Mason) Don’t worry we’ve rented a gite down the road for them to stay in comfort. We don’t intend to force our composting toilets on our guests. Looking forward to some family time. I’ve been gardening and painting the bathroom and looking forward to sharing the before and after pics.

Here are the last few days in pictures for you. x

I tackle the knotweed in the garden. It’s been a strategic attack but I’m seeing some progress so that’s a relief. It’s a shame that it is such an aggressive plant because some of our garden visitors love the knotweed see pic below…

Our Knotweed forest (back garden). Great news the car fits! Think we need a sun shelter for Picasso
Limousin Ladies visit our garden to sample the vegetation.

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