Food is all part of the new stopping in and we find ourselves stuffing our faces cooking and baking up a storm.

This also gives Simon the chance to purchase another kitchen aid attachment. The long-awaited ice cream maker. This is a triumph to behold. He started with a small portion of lemon and ginger sorbet with added Kings Ginger to give it a kick of alcohol. Oh my goodness the taste is sublime. I cannot wait for the next treat. Vanilla with chocolate chips mmmmmm.

Kitchen Aid ice cream making attachment in action:

Sorbet / Icecream maker in action

Meanwhile, I bake Simon’s favorite Chelsea Buns courtesy of an enhanced recipe from my friend Dianne (the food technician) Adding cranberries with the mixed fruit gave them a lighter feel. I had no mixed spice so I made my own with fresh ginger, nutmeg, and cinnamon powder. The flavor was tastebudtastic!

Marmalade Cake from Delia smith was a good option for cake this week as there were no eggs in the supermarket and it’s an egg-free cake. I’m guessing everyone is baking while staying at home. We had to improvise a little due to a lack of orange zest. I found the recipe in our tried and tested ratty old Delia recipe book. A lovely gift when Simon and I first got together. Lots of family faves in her complete cookery course (I’m still learning) 25 years later…

Pie is a must-have menu item in our family and I don’t make the pastry. I cheat and but just roll most of the time. We use a large pan to fry off the stewing beef. Then add all of the veg. Roughly chopped onions, leeks, turnips (the little purple ones) cut into quarters, celery, carrots, only a couple of potatoes as we usually have mashed potatoes to accompany the meal. This huge pan makes us three meals a stew, a pie, and a chili. (800gms of Prime stewing steak Limousin Cattle)

Recipies below:

But before that, a quick pic of our returning Charolais cattle. Spring sunshine and heavy showers bring the green grass and the cows. Huge white beasts are back in the fields. Burt loves them and they quite like Burt which is very odd. Every day on our walk they race to the fence to greet us and Burt is either captivated or terrified. It’s very funny to see Burt’s confusion when they change fields. He waits anticipating the herd rushing forwards with big deep breaths they gawp at us hoping for more food I expect. Burt waits expectantly for them to appear at the fence. Magic cows.

Chelsea BunsGood Food Guide
Substitute currents for cranberries. Try other dried fruits and also try making your own mixed spice.
Lemon SorbetGood Food Guide
Added ou own fresh ginger and Kings ginger alcohol for an extra bite
Icecream maker from Kitchen Aid pricey but worth every penny for years to come you can purchase all over the world £70-£90 depends when and where you buy it.
Marmalade Cake Delia Smith Online I didn’t have any Oranges (Alex ate them all) so we doubled up on the grated lemon and Marmalade.
Home made marmalade of course x

2 Comments on “Baking”

  1. Hi all
    Great looking baking I have a stand alone icecream maker they’re excellent for getting through excess fruit.
    I thought Limousin cattle were brown or do they only export brown ones.

    • Hi Katherine x,
      Good to hear from you. You are absolutely spot on the Charolais Cattle are the white magnificent beasts. I have updated the text with the image. Most of what we buy to eat has been Limousin. Not sure where the white ones end up? We’ll have to investigate further as we get to grips with countryside living and cattle identification. x Thank you for the note much appreciated.
      take care see you all soon Nic & Sim.

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