Artisan Cheese Making has been an idea that’s been maturing for some time.

With the opportunity to create an events space in France we’re thinking carefully about eco-friendly lifestyles. Heating solutions, plumbing, and cleaning products are the first priority. While Cheesemaking, preserves, and pickling are very much on the agenda for the future.

I’ll be trying out my first cheeses over the next few months I’ll keep the site updated with my experiments and tase tests. If you have any advice or ideas and recommendations feel free to get in touch via the comments section below.

We headed out to Hartington in January to check out the cheeses locally at Hartington Cheese. The Peakland cheeses are magnificent. It was such a freezing cold Sunday afternoon that the only thing to do was to retreat to the fireside and tuck into a glass of red wine and sample the lovely cheese. Creamy textures cool and delicious depth of flavour. 

Such a shame I didn’t take a quick picture to show you. Such a terrible predicament I’m just going to have to buy some more cheese, drink more red wine and remember to take a picture this time!

There is some wine left from our lovely wine supplier Naked Wines. We got stuck into the Galodoro (Portuguese Red)  They don’t deliver to France – going to have to sample a whole load of new stock. 

1st Cheese we made Mozzarella Cheese


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