Sorry I haven’t had time to edit the videos this week. The software engineering business has been fairly busy. We’ve been working hard for our lovely clients. My time online / renovating and Simon’s time to do the work and filming has been business-focused.

It’s not easy finding a balance as supporting our clients, quoting for new business and cash flow has to come first. Without our business and the support of our family and friends, we couldn’t progress #notesfromlechassaing. We do keep moving our schedule around but whichever way we slice it everything takes time if we’re going to do it right.

Gosh that was almost a WHAM song.

Anyhow, I can assure you that there are new videos coming soon. 1, Moving the granite cider press. 2, How to convert UK fittings to French plumbing. And of course, 3, The barn update.

In other news, we are starting our French lessons with a tutor now that we have some basic sentences and words in place. We have also been invited to a party. We’ll be visiting local markets for lovely French produce as well as furniture and renovating stores.

We’ll be testing the ‘French conversation skills’ learned with our tutor. That should be fun and most likely embarrassing, but we have to dive in or be mute! I’ll let you know how we get on and I’ll post some pictures to show you our days out when we’re not software developing or renovating.

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