While dumping another load of old dust and rubbish into the garage/dumping ground or as Simon loves to call it ‘Woodland View’ we noticed a little door. What a discovery! So we cut back the brambles and here’s what we found!

What a Discovery

A graveyard for bikes but some interesting finds. The Velovap was (allegedly) superior to the Solex powered bicycle, possibly the ‘Betamax’ of its time. Apparently it went faster and had a clutch control. You could ride about town with your baguette under your arm and beret on. Unfortunately, once crash helmets were made compulsory for this style of bike they saw a slump in sales. Beret’s are perfectly safe!

The Velovap company was started in the 50’s and was closed within 10 years! I’ve seen a few online all restored and being sold at £1,800 so not a bad find. Simon has popped it on the list of projects to do! I don’t think he’s getting around to it any time soon, so if you’re looking for a project look no further!

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