It’s a race against the clock now and a question of serious prioritising. The carpet fitters will be here soon to complete the landing and peach bedroom. I have to paint everything that is fixed. I say fixed because I can remove the doors they are all on very convenient lift-off hinges. So the dated peach and lemon combo remains for now.

The discovery of the landing cupboard doors by Marcus when we cleared out the loft was a welcomed find. Of all the old things we found up there, the doors now complete a perfect linen cupboard. We removed the old heavy wardrobe to reveal some interesting wallpaper. I was tempted to rip it all off but I think we might try to rescue a little just to keep the old style of the place and remember its journey. The paper is quite fussy and would have been an investment to renovate the home in the 30’s – 50’s. We think the staircase was added at a similar time.

Here’s a walk around and the work to date in pictures below.

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