What a whirl November has been. Work has been intense from a software engineering and project management point of view. Our wonderful clients are determined to improve their online systems and we all collaborate to provide our best work. When problems arise it’s ALL hands on deck to test and fix bugs. It can be stressful and at times laborious work but the rewards are plentiful and the job satisfaction is fantastic.

We are thankful to have a beautiful place to live and wonderful friends and family to share our adventures with. This week’s video is just a catch up on the slow barn progress, preparing for winter and getting out in the glorious weather to blow the cobwebs away.

Around us there are woodland walks, coypu in the lake and mice determined to overwinter indoors! There are chateaus to walk by, open air markets to peruse, and artisans to marvel at. Although we are in lockdown again nature is putting on a fabulous show to entertain us before we descend in to winter.

Here are the treasures we found in the barn. MORE PROJECTS!

Brocante Before Lockdown

We have been enjoying the history of our area through objects found in our barn and at the Brocante. Here are a few more bits and bobs.

2 Comments on “November sun”

  1. Hi Nicola,
    Lovely to drive with you and see the beautiful scenery! Unfortunately we cannot be in our house due to covid. We sold our house in Holland last week; the handing over of the keys will be 1 April next year. We hoped to do some moving this year and stay in Le Chassaing this Christmas, but I am afraid it will not happen… Best wishes from Annemieke and Johan

    • Hi Annemieke and Johan,
      Good to hear from you. Fantastic news that you sold your house and that you can really start planning ahead. Sorry to hear that you can’t make it over for Christmas as you hoped. November and early December have been magical here but the weather has now changed to grey skies and rain for Christmas. Your house and land look splendid, it is all waiting for you to arrive and bring the comfort of a lovely new home. Soon it will be a New Year and you will be starting your new French life at Le Chassaing with all of the new seasons to enjoy.
      See you soon
      Nicola & Simon

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