Walking and exploring with Coco & Bert

Coco at time of writing (2018) is an 8-year-old, massive 45kg crazy brown Labrador
Bertie the Shitzu is a diligent watchdog and small ball of cuddliness. Just a baby 4-year-old, and the unlikely friend of a large Labrador

The peace and tranquility that we all find while walking is so therapeutic. Every day the pooches need to do their business. While they clear out… we get the time to clear our minds and process today’s work and plans for the future.

From our Eco-friendly positive perspective, one of the daily tasks is to collect the daily business from our poochtastic friends. We use soy-based compostable poop bags and return these to our fabulous dry and not smelly compost heap. The heap is located in an unobtrusive area at the bottom of our garden. We load wood chippings and garden clippings on top and allow nature to take its course rotting down as part of a safe, nonpolluting natural chemical reaction!

The garden plants are thriving as the natural materials compost down to nutrient dense loam.

Composting is genuinely a marvel of nature to behold and something that I was personally ignorant to and honestly disgusted by before we began.

What are your plans for being more eco-friendly this year? We made some huge life changes to test our modern way of life. We do have a little more space and land than we had back in the UK (it’s certainly no city living at Le Chassaing). But, we’re not complete eco-warriors (yet), we remain fully immersed in modern tech and cleanliness with a view to reducing our carbon footprint. You can find out more by selecting our eco tags and viewing our youtube channel. Let us know what you’re up to and if you would like to share ideas please complete the comments section below or sign up to our newsletter to connect with Notes From Le Chassaing and find out more.


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