Winter in Paris February 2018

Had we arrived on the Christmas film set? In Paris huge snowflakes gently filled the sky. I’m sure the Inuit folks have a specific word for it. Back in Sheffield (Yorkshire) we call em’ ‘snowflakes like dinner plates’.

The city’s worker bees were stranded in Paris for the night and the icy temperatures continued to plummet. The familiar hum of traffic silenced, streets transformed pure white, a life-sized architectural snow globe. I guess you had to be there to feel the magic?

We managed to travel into the heart of Paris just before the trains and roads ground to a halt. Occasional passersby filled with joy, propelling snowballs, guffawing while we huddled on the pavement. I was quietly regretting the heels on my shoes, (I won’t discuss packing and planning here!) We eventually tracked down a working cash machine. Next task: Locate a decent plat-de-jour.

Never disappointed by French culinary skills, we didn’t search for long. The inviting aroma of Grandma’s chicken wafted past and enticed us. Tucking into a fine warming supper complemented by decent house wine and cheese selection the evening was a success.

The novelty of the snowfall provided gestured conversation with the locals where we all chatted about our plans for the weekend ahead.

Meeting (on Saturday) the rest of the family with hugs and kisses after a delayed train. We then embarked on our planned tour of galleries and car shows in earnest. A wonderful weekend filled with delightful memories.

We’ll never forget our secret interlude of Paris in virgin snow. It’s not an everyday thing to enjoy a romantic yet icy stroll through the moonlit Tuileries Gardens with no one else in sight.  

Weekend recommendations:

So many cars and so little time you can spend yourselves silly on fantasy cars or the real deal

Musee d’Orsay
It’s a stunning view from the Musee Orsay clock face on a bright and winters morning. Blown away by the displays and the respectfully polite atmosphere. There was a lovely feeling – just the right amount of people that ensured everyone could take a moment to take in the magnificent work of their fave artist uninterrupted.

Musee de Parfum – Fragonard
We took a tour of this fabulous family history in the perfume industry. A lovely afternoon discovery followed by a little shopping.

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