It’s not a pigeonnier it’s Simon’s office?

The little building on the left-hand side of the house has become a useful storage room while we wait for our barn roof to get fixed. There is a ground floor and a first floor. The ground floor is compressed dirt on granite rocks. This needs leveling and a new concrete base putting in. The first floor had some nesting materials in there to be cleared and a bit of wood or so we thought!!!

Pictures and video below. To recreate this scene you will need:

4 people who don’t mind getting their hands dirty
4 protective hazmat Suits
4 industrial face masks to prevent dirt in lungs
4 pairs of protective goggles
4 pairs of protective gloves
rubble bags
large woodland area to dispose of 2 tonnes of dirt
3ft deep pigeon poop and straw
a large planked oak tree hidden in poop
4inch of compacted dirt
plenty of grit and determination

Gallery of the terrible pigeon poop and all manor of poop removal…

We celebrated all our hard work with a day out to Aubusson, buying wine, champagne, eating fabulous food and a little bit of shopping! Thank you, family team, we couldn’t muster the energy without you.

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