I’d like to share my really useful Spreadsheet 1 with you for free.

The first spreadsheet lists all the tasks we had to do with a few useful links just to get from the UK to France. (the regulations change constantly so the spreadsheet is a list of questions to help your prepare) Let me know if there is anything I’ve missed? As we prepare to move I’m now into Spreadsheet 2 ‘The Renovation Works’ and Spreadsheet 3 ‘Setting up a French business’

Please Note: My spreadsheets are not a definitive list. You will have your own circumstances, budgets, and timelines to consider. It’s just my interpretation of how we planned our relocation to France.

If you’ve followed my Instagram profile or read our ‘about’ page you’ll know that I’m a web development project manager. I work with Simon to create all sorts of web applications and systems from tiny lifestyle blogs like this one to humongous factory automation, safety compliance or pharmaceutical software engineering projects.

The small business projects help us to quickly test user experience and keep in touch with how people shape and use online space.

So as my good friend Tracey who’s a recruitment specialist at Baseline Recruit always says ‘Its all about transferable skills darling.’ Tracey is in the business to know these things, she’s absolutely right. I’ve found that my skills in planning ahead, creating Gant charts, and budgeting with care are very helpful skills to have.

Although some might say slightly retentive! Here is – (Spreadsheet 1 to Download) If you would like to know more about our planning just get in touch and we’ll see if we can answer your questions based on our experience or at least point you in the right direction.

We needed to review and account for as much as possible before we set out. Although you have to have dreams and imagination too. Just think if this project goes tits up I can always look back at my documentation and say; Ah yes, you fool, that’s where you went wrong!

My inspiration for planning, project management, and home DIY comes from my whole family. When I left University in 1996 I needed my first job and was applying and interviewing all over London. It was a big step for me. Just moving to the south of England felt like a world away from Sheffield (City of Steel).

My sister in law Louise opened the door to Advertising for me. It was the lucky break I needed and I’ll always be thankful for the opportunity. I got an interview and wowzers! they let me in. That was the experience I needed, I wouldn’t have the confidence to do what I’m doing today without it.

Louise also has an impeccable eye for detail and really knows how to keep a project on track and on budget. Both Louise and her husband Marcus have created many beautiful homes. Renovating traditional and modern interiors with style, bright colours, and clean lines.

Here are a few fabulous images from various family projects: (Louise, please send over some pics for me to add to the family renovations gallery. Cheers x)

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