On our road trip to Spain taking in St. Jean-de-luz, Malaga, Los Boliches, Madrid, and Burgos.

Another Road Trip

Then back to France and a visit to Orleans

Then to the UK to collect our son for the Easter break from University. It’s the final year of his degree. How time flies!

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  1. Hi there,

    I came across your site when doing a Google search on UK-France plumbing. Like yourselves, we are also renovating a small ancient stone house, so full of excitement and surprises! I was just wondering if you you could give me some advice, please. We want to purchase a vanity unit (cabinet and washbasin combo) from Victoria Plumbing to take to France. I contacted VP and was told that the waste pipe diameter is 1.5.inches (38.1mm) so just wanted to know if this is ok to connect in France?

    Would greatly appreciate your advice.

    Hope the barn renovation is going from strength to strength.

    Warm regards,

    • Hi Olivia,
      Glad you are enjoying the vlog and blog.
      The Barn is coming along slowly. We haven’t posted for a long time because we are so busy with our software business and also there are only so many times you can watch a slate been added to a roof. Our roof is huge over 20 Meters!
      We’ll be back soon with an update. Just putting the guttering on and diging out exterior french drains to deal with all the wonderful rain we’ve been having.
      For the Plumbing – we’re not experts so please take our advice with a pinch of salt.
      We just attached UK waste to the french waste pipe. The sizes are roughly the same sometimes a bit of wiggle room but we used extra waterproof tape just to be sure. We used compression wastes for all of our sinks and we have never had any problems.
      Good luck with your adventures in France.

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