My nearest and dearest up on the roof (I can’t look) Lucky he loves heights and seeing the world from an elevated view. Thankfully Grandpa has decided that he won’t need his scaffolding tower at the moment. It reaches up to 12 Meters. Simon has very gratefully found a home for it. He was just about to purchase two towers to get started on the barn roof repairs. Grandpa’s tower will get straight to the issue of several slipped tiles on the house. The barn will have to wait until Spring 2020.

The tiling itself took a matter of minutes but the shifting of scaffolding takes a while. Simon gives us a little tour of the roof in the video below.

Up in the sky. Part one – fixing a slipped tile.

Part two – tile pushed back into position.

The slipped tiles didn’t let in any water but it’s an essential job before the winter. Now we can complete insulating the loft. The new insulation from Hybris is one of those silver space blankets. Ultra-efficient offering the equivalent of 2ft of traditional fiberglass in a honeycomb style 6inch thick foam and foil.

Keeping le Chassaing snug, in winter and cool in summer. The loft space will be Alex’s new bedroom, bathroom and lounge/study for when he’s home from University.

The clock is ticking. It’s November (Month 5) and Alex will be home for Christmas along with Grandma and Grandad.

When the tower arrived from the UK safely delivered by Louise and Marcus in the hire van, Simon was keen to get started. That’s when the rain began! Thankfully no leaks from the roof yet…

Three weeks later the rain paused for longer than a day and, at last, the roof is repaired.

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