Simple Christmas bites for people who love marzipan.
(Shortbread and gingerbread can also be used).

  1. Roll Marzipan base or other biscuit base
  2. Cut shapes with star cutter
  3. Melt (70% cocoa solids) chocolate in a bowl over a heated pan of water
  4. Add sugar and fussles condensed milk to sweeten if required
  5. Dip half of the star into the chocolate mixture and place on greaseproof paper to set
  6. Place some of the chocolate into an icing bag, snip off the point.
  7. Add two white chocolate drops and press down lightly on to the dark chocolate area
  8. Carefully drip a droplet of dark chocolate on each white chocolate eye to make as many expressions as you like

Leave to set and serve with teas and coffee for that extra Christmas indulgence and fun.

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