Practicing woodwork is a slow but therapeutic task. Simon informs me that after working on concepts and software engineering all day it’s a joy to actually hold a product in your hand. Working with beautiful oak materials planing, sanding and waxing to your desired finish is a lovely thing to do.

You’ll see similar posts on projects in the woodwork section of this site. Here’s a gallery of the different steps from a piece of wood to new doorway threshold strip.

1. Make a template, measure twice!

2. Mark out and score

3. Sharpen your saw & cut the wood

5. Match to the template & position

I ponder as I call into the workshop, “will I ever see my oak kitchen worktop?” I feel that my French temporary kitchen may be more permanent than I realised. All in good time…

This is all part of the adventure we muse. I am learning to enjoy a relaxed pace to life. I am exercising more, sleeping well, eating well and gaining more energy to make the most of the outdoors. I am finding time to create a new home-style after work and at the weekends.
Am I patient enough? Let’s see how that unfolds!

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