Today we began strimming the garden. Weeds taller than me and plenty of them! This calls for some serious weed trimming equipment. We have a brush cutter/strimmer and we are about to purchase a bramble attachment to tackle the woodland. It looks like a dangerous metal beast of a cutter so might need some work boots and thicker trousers for that job.

We met with a tree surgeon this week. Nick Jackson, he is recommended and is English which is helpful as my French is minimal (to say the least). He will be pollarding the lime trees and cutting back the huge poplar tree in September. We have a discovered a sweet chestnut tree so that was a nice surprise. There is plenty of work to be done taking it day by day, a little at a time. I’m starting with the reduction of ash saplings. Not forgetting a huge woodpile that needs sorting and cutting to burn in the stove this winter.

The shutters have been washed, hoovered and washed again. They are now on their fourth coat. Removing the flakes and sealing the rust spots before getting the new paint on. Repetitive but relaxing in the sunshine. Got to be winter-ready. Front door and landing window need repairs… In fact, all the putty holding all the glass is fairly old, crumbly and likely to fall out. But for now, it’s painted in and I’m going for shabby chic. More pics to follow. Here is this week so far;

The Weekend in Creuse

There is always something going on during the summer months. The area is lively and now is the time to improve our French and socialise in between renovation work. It’s going to be a dark and lonely winter if we don’t put our best foot forward as my Grandma would say. We have received invitations in the post from our local community fete organisers. We’ve also had a newsletter with all the ‘what’s on’ information for Creuse. Now it’s just a question of encouraging Simon and Alex to come with me!

On this occasion, both boys had the perfect excuse. Alex put his foot through one of the weaker floorboards ooofffffch and Simon had to repair it to prevent anyone else falling.

Sunday was Bastile day and our little commune came together to celebrate. Following Simon’s emergency floor repair we headed down the hill to the village square. We were introduced to the Maire Serge Perrier (He’s been the Maire for 30 years! Lovely Chap) he also introduced us to the other English families in the area. There are 205 residents in our commune and over half of them turned up for the Petanque competition (There were 60 teams) BBQ with meat from the local butcher, drinks, and celebrations. A very chilled Sunday afternoon with a great family atmosphere. Everyone is keen for us to speak French and join in. It was really lovely to receive such a warm welcome to the event.

While enjoying a glass of wine in the evening as the earth cooled and the crickets chirruped we saw the fireworks display from the neighboring village (Crocq). They partied while our bathroom plumbing filled the evening with fun. We walked the pooches before bedtime as the sky lit up. Crocq fete is definitely in the diary for next year.

Sad news and time to reflect

It’s been a contemplative weekend. With a huge bright full moon, I wasn’t exactly in the mood for celebrations. Sadly my Uncle Barry passed away. Time was focused on the family in the UK, chatting to my Mum & Dad, sending love and hugs. Thinking positive thoughts and memories of holidays at the seaside in Cornwall, Devon, and Skegness with Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, and Grandparents all coming together – good times – childhood memories. I chatted to my Uncle the night before. It was a real shock to hear such sad news the following morning. His last words to me were ‘I hope you’ll be happy’ and that is exactly what I intend to focus on being Happy.

Rest In Peace Uncle Barry xxx

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