The snow has been with us for a few days. Temperature has dropped to -4 and we’re feeling the chill. This week’s snow walks include Lightwood Reservoir, Monsal Trail, Pavilion Gardens, Grinlow Woods.

Sharing the tone of a frosty January is the ongoing Brexit discussion. There’s a general feeling of confusion and uncertainty. For us, the opportunity to live in France is a welcome distraction. Spurred on by our dreams of a longer summer I applied to appear on ‘A New Life In The Sun’ (daytime TV show on Channel 4). It seemed like a good idea, I was getting giddy and wanted to share my enthusiasm. Ooops (rolls eyes) let’s see what happens there?

I’ve been getting more interested in artisan cheese and have been looking for a course and some work experience to see how much further I’d like to study and practice the art of Cheesemaking. I’m currently negotiating with Simon the option of some kind of cheese cave or room in the barn to age cheese in. So many things to explore in terms of eco-living, back to basics, understanding the environment, playing to our strengths making food from scratch, making rainwater storage systems from scratch and not getting too caught up in commercial products. We have a lot to learn…

This week I’ve been inspired by Sophie Summerlin of Cow Close Farm. Sophie and her husband James are artisan Cheesemakers in Derbyshire. Sophie recently answered lots of my cheese making questions and helped me to find the right course to gain the best cheesemaking knowledge. I’ll be visiting in a few weeks to taste their legendary Stanage Millstone Cheese can’t wait! You can now read the post about my visit here

If you have any ideas to share please contact us in the comments section below.
For now I’m walking with the dogs, project managing small web sites and trying to keep snug by the fire.

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