I booked a couple of days off to visit my parents in Spain. My Dad suffers from arthritis, his joints feel stiff and painful every day. In the winter sun, he can keep moving and stave off the Derbyshire winter. I guess working on rooftops all his life as a slater carrying weight up and down ladders does that to a guy. 

My parents are my heroes so it was good to meet up and give them a hug. They even found me a donkey to cuddle at the seaside.

These little adventures are the inspiration for artworks that will evolve. I’ll link the stories together so you can see how my ideas develop.

Tell me what inspires you, family, friends, music, the sea, the sky. I’d love to know how you plan your next creative piece and if you don’t create now what do you plan to create in the future. Tell me in the comments box below x

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