Keeping the cold and rain out

This is where we are up to at the end of 2020. It was necessary to winterise the barn. Unfortunately, we didn’t progress as quickly as we’d like on the roofing work this year. Simon added the temporary winter roof to reduce the exposure to the elements. Bay one of the barn is open to the sky and we’ll be working on this section as the weather permits.

Here are a few details. I’ll add some images and sketch plans soon to share our ideas as I dont know if the description is fully clear on how we want the finished barn to look. Simon completed a quick video update (see below) to keep everyone up to speed on the work to date.

The floor of bay one has half a concrete floor. It’s a good solid base for the scaffolding so we can reach up to the apex on the left-hand side. On the right-hand side, we have removed the broken stone floor. This area has been dug out and Simon has extended the existing solid concrete base with more concrete. The floor level of bay one will be increased to match the level of the kitchen. Where a door will be knocked through for us to gain access. We can then add a solid wood floor and will conveniently hide all of the plumbing, electrical, and waste pipes from the main house. We intend to replace and renew the rest of the stone floor throughout the ground floor

The plan is to have a stairwell for the front door into the barn. We envisage a couple of steps up to the new floor height. This increase in the ground floor height will then require fewer steps up to the first floor of the barn. Our current idea is to keep this as an open gallery style area. We will then replace the wooden floor and large sliding barn door to the back garden with the same style and oak materials.

Winterised Barn

Here is a quick video with Simon completing the winterised Barn roof for winter.

Winter is coming

Spectacular scenery on our morning dog walks.
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Winterised barn

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