The ESSE stove has had a long journey that started back in February 2019.

We purchased the Stove in Buxton Derbyshire and held it in storage. We then approached a number of companies to transport the stove to France, just hiring the space in the van. (It’s a heavy load, half a ton). The vans can’t be filled with too much weight and so the price became too high to hire a man and a van.

We looked at purchasing the stove in France and having it delivered when we arrived. The estimate was over £8K so not an option. The £600 to hire a van and take a weeks holiday to review and work at Le Chassaing for less was much more inviting. In May 2019 we winched it in.

The stove got stuck and almost toppled over when we put it on a ramp to get it out of the van! It was like supermarket sweep trolly wheels but we got there in the end. You could have fried an egg on the stove the sun was so hot that day.

In came the ESSE and there she rested until July 2019 under a dust sheet. We are now in September and we will get our first burn this month. Take a look at the fireplace progress when Mum & Dad visited and Cleaning the chimney recent work here soon as we lower the ESSE off the pallet and into position on the new hearth.

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