So many things happening it’s hard to keep up.
Here are some quick reference before and after pics.

Summer Shower

The flintstones well

Fireplace in Progress – granite hearth and pointing

Tree Felling

Home Made Jam

The Knotweed fight continues…


Front Door

Shutters of which there are four sets needing many coats of primer and paint

2 Comments on “Before & After”

  1. Nic my heart is ablaze for you guys! Amazing effort to make so much progress, it’s looking incredible. I’ve just been getting prices for wood and coal this morn, beautiful sunny weather here in Bucco but like you say getting a bit chilly at night now. And good one on the email newsletter, not been spending much time on the ol’ Facebook so looking forward to seeing more piccies.

    • Hey David,
      Ahhh lovely to hear from you. Thank you for your comments. It really keeps us going to know that friends and family are enjoying the progress. We hope everyone will visit eventually to see the real deal.
      Getting lots of energy from all this French Cheese and wine.
      See you soon buddy x
      Nicola & Simon

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