Our barn consists of 5 bays 2 of these are smaller at the left and right hand side of the barn. The 3 central bays are larger. We are starting the barn renovation in barn bay 1 and hope this helps our viewers get some sense of the building as we renovate step by step.

We created a new video on our your tube channel to show you the progress plus a few images here.

Barn Bay 1

Our plan with the barn is to return it to the original roofline and door size. The alterations from the previous owners caused problems with broken slates and holes. Over 30 years the roof developed leaks and this started the process of decay. We are chopping all of the decaying wood out and strengthening what we have in terms of walls and timbers to bring the barn back to its former glory.

We had plans of creating guest rooms in the barn but the more we looked at the old building the more we felt that we wanted to see the simple structure returned to a barn and use it to store our stuff rather than guests or animals!

We have a house that can accommodate up to 6 additional guests. The cider house attached to the left-hand side of the main house will have accommodation for 4 more guests. We think this will be sufficient for our family and friends.

To be honest we’d rather spend our hard-earned cash enjoying time with family and friends than rebuilding a barn into guest accommodation. If more than 10 people would like to stay with us at any one time then a tent will be required.

Links to barn renovation work including Barn Bay 1:

Barn renovation full playlist in order on our youtube channel
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