Updating the lime plaster walls and preparing for our electrics in the loft. Images show what we started with and how we’ve stabilised the crumbling plaster, filled in the holes, and kept the rustic finish to continue the old farmhouse look. Two more walls and under the eves to complete before painting.

Next, we took up several of the floorboards. Cleared out the debris of husks from the thresher that used to live up in the loft and removed all of the ‘nesting material’ from our various furry friends that would love to overwinter here at Le Chassaing. We’ve updated several holes in to ‘no entry points’ to prevent the rush to book in for the winter. Filling as many holes as we could find. We also cleaned and neutralised any odors that our furry friends might find a comforting welcome to clearly show that we are not interested in them visiting. That’s one half of the loft completed just the other side to go. Then we can FINALLY run some cabling from the loft into our bedroom and let there be light!

Installing the electrics in the loft

If you are interested in lighting and our electrics then you can find out more by following the tagged posts for lighting, lights, and electrical.
This is a work in progress so there may not be many posts now but more will follow for those who are interested. We always state that we are not experts and to complete electrical work in your own home you need to decide that you are a competent DIY electrician to do so. There is no law against working on your home electricity but you must follow a safety protocol. You must not attempt to adjust the main source of electricity into the home this is provided by your electricity supplier and is their property.

If you are at all unsure you must contact a qualified electrician to advise or assist you with your electrical projects. If you aim to rent out your property then your electrical work must be certified and approved by a qualified electrician. There are levels of criteria that you must meet to keep yourself and your home safe.

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