Simon creates a new barn door out of feather-board (kindly delivered by Marcus & Louise) to update the barn door that rotted and basically fell off! We need to keep our new toys dry. The part of the barn that remarkably doesn’t have a hole in the roof will be the new home for the little tractor.

Before we can start any job here at Le Chassaing the clearing and cleaning must begin. And it’s never just a quick tidy up I’m talking cleaning on an industrial scale. The amount of waste here is an accumulation of many lifetimes worth of keeping farm animals, farm machinery, vehicular repairs, woodwork, metalwork, several boozathons, and general repair work without throwing anything away. It all piles up over time and now it’s our turn to sort it, recycle it, burn it, or bin it.

One’s temporary barn door is not a quick job.

There are sometimes some lovely surprises along the way like the fab stone floor and the hibernating hedgehog that was so massive it made Simon jump. The lovely bolt that Alex found, Simon cleaned and reused as well as the old hinges that will do a decent temporary job.

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