Feel free to comment – I’m guessing that the gate in front of the main entrance was to stop the farm animals coming in to the house. Although I’ve seen some fab old images of farm houses with the cows poking their heads into the kitchen just to join in as part of the whole family!

At Le Chassaing the front door gate helps us to keep the dogs in, although I wouldn’t put it past one of the local cows to call in.

The gate is well past its best days. Time for a repair and reuse of the old latch and hinges if we can. This will be a side project for Simon (of which there are many). It’s certainly a change from plumbing and monotonous work.

Simon has been hunting around the dilapidated but slowly tidier workshop to find the right bits of wood for the construction of the gate.

Here is the french door gate Part 1

In renovation plan 6 the workshop is actually our outdoor open sided yet covered dining area for when the rays of sun are too hot or if we need to shelter from the wind and rain. The workshop will move in to the barn and the guest accommodation in to Simon’s office. Simon’s office is virtual and mobile (generally where there is food and plenty of cups of tea i.e. the Kitchen).

The dining area will be a new project. We’ve been thinking about a timber framed building with double doors from the kitchen leading in to the garden. Then a door to take you in to the barn. An extended porch with enough space for a dining table.

Because clearly the four outbuildings / sheltered areas are not enough.
More on this another day.

To remind yourself of the lay out here is a rough sketch. The current workshop is missing, this is about half the size of the barn and protrudes out in to the back garden.

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