The barn upgrade has begun we begin with barn part 1. After many thoughts on how we might use the barn we have reached a decision (for now). The priority is to get the place repaired and water tight with a new roof.

We need to remove all of the internal, unstable and in parts rotten floor. There is plenty of old junk to remove and even some growing vegetation. We have to replace old beams and get water tight this summer. Even if this means we can only complete half the roof by just repairing the section with the massive holes, we’ll be pleased with the progress.

We have put together a little video for you to see the barn in its sorry state. We have everything crossed that together with our builder we can bring the place back to life and use it once again. For now it’s a case of undressing the the old place and seeing how much strength is left in the bare bones.

Please note we are not experts we are bringing in experts to advise us on how best to maintain the property. We might refer to building styles and methods and we’ll probably get the terminology wrong. We are on a steep learning curve and the aim of the the blog and the vlog is to keep a diary and document out story.

We’d love to hear all about your projects and your progress. Get in touch in the comments section below and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

We will feature video playlists for the barn starting with barn part 1

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