Getting busy on the roof

It was rather warm but Simon had to get a move on as Martin (the builder) is coming next week to get started on reducing the height of the barn wall. To find out why we are having the barn wall reduced take a look at Simon’s initial ‘walk around the barn’ post. Or view and subscribe to the Notes From Le Chassaing playlist below.

Here he is double busy in this short video removing an old upgrade to raise the roof. We think this caused quite a few problems and so we are now keen to return the barn roof to its original angle.

Bertie and Coco are fascinated by the noisy little tractor. I helped Burt jump onboard for a ride while Coco followed along with great intrigue.

Can’t wait to meet up with Martin and find out what his analysis of the structure is? But before we do that Simon has some huge sliding barn doors to remove. We’ll keep you posted on the video coming soon!

Barn renovation playlist on youtube:

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