The views from the scaffolding are fab if you are brave enough to go up there! It’s not even that high. I’ve managed to pluck up the courage and have looked at the view.

Martin the stonemason has done a fine job on reducing the top of the barn and wall and lime mortaring. He has built a new blockwork pillar to give strength to the cruck frame. It’s great progress and makes a change from demolition.

Simon explains in our barn you tube playlist why the roof angle was changed and why we are restoring it to it’s original shape. (Mainly because it leaks).

This week it was my turn to try some lime plastering. We used the French strong stuff Tradiblanc with a strength of 5. Lime is known as Chaux and we have lots of fun in the builders’ merchants cobbling sentences together using google translate. Anyhow, I put on the scratch coat using traditional methods mixing the sand colour of the local earth three to one with the Chaux.

It looks pretty WHITE to me but I’m told it will dull down eek! I then worked the mixture into the stones to begin the French style of pointing. From what I can see this is just a question of chucking it at the wall and when it’s part dried brushing it off with a stiff brush to reveal the stonework.

Here are a few pics. I’ve left it a few days to cure and will begin the top render coat soon. Wish me luck.

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