It’s been a busy time. Finishing off the loft bathroom for our son Alex and preparing the fourth bedroom / mini apartment next door.

We were excited to meet up with our new potential neighbours. You may have seen the comments in the cow gate blog post from Johan and Annemieke Evers. It was lovely to see them strolling past during their visit to Chard. We chatted about the area and their potential new home. Superb linguists they are fluent in English and French it was a real pleasure to meet up and chat about life in France. We wish them luck and lots of happy days here.

We have a little bit of barn progress. You can see Simon removing the old rotten barn doors. It’s a mighty door with a cute little cut out door. We aim to replicate it during the renovation. In our next barn blog post coming soon (Barn Part 4). You can see our recent gallery pictures of the stone mason’s work.

Martin came over to help us reduce the wall and get the roof back to it’s original position. He also built a block work pillar to strengthen the old cruck frame. There was lots of discussion about the structure of the barn and the safety of the building. Martin’s overall impression was that the barn was in good shape apart from the obvious roof timbers that need replacing. I’m sure he’ll be visiting again soon with further advice and assistance.

Next… I’ll be rendering the new supporting pillar with a lime render. Scratch coat first, then smoothing it off with a second skim and blending it back in to the old barn wall. More to follow in Barn Part 4 and of course more videos on our You Tube Channel – Notes From Le Chassaing.

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