After a week of digging out the compacted earth floor and hammering out granite bed rock to a depth of 4 inches in the low spots. We needed to keep a decent head height for the first floor mezzanine above.

Before pouring the concrete floorSimon then began laying out all the pipe work and electrical first fix. He placed this below the rebar before the concreting began. This takes far longer to think about and implement than expected…

Then finally concreting the whole lot. As we are not experts and had to pour in batches we had to level roughly to begin with. We then put a concrete screed over the top and in the next blog post we added a self levelling screed. A thick pour followed by a finer thin pour to level out all of those low and high spots.

Laying the concrete floor

Simon and Alex mixed up the concrete using the mixer at a ratio of 7 sand 4 gravel 3 cement. They transported by barrow and a little help from the digger all 1.5 tonnes of sand and 4 tonnes of gravel and 13 bags of concrete to the cider house where I trowelled out the concrete over the rebar, first fix plumbing and electrical to a 4 inch level (ish) floor. We did this in one day followed by a well deserved rest!

The gallery shows the stages. Unfortunately not much filming took place that day as it was hot and humid.

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