Simon gets some help with lifting and digging. On the day of delivery, the local farmers were also taking delivery of their annual combined harvester which is bigger than our house. Suffice to say Simon felt a little bit self-conscious revealing his brand new shiny mini digger to the gathering audience. Even the grandchildren of our neighbours gathered to see the spectacle. So he waited until a quieter moment.

I think Simon was a little nervous driving the mini digger off its pallet. Here we are, many hours of happy digging. Nice descent Mr. Mason.

Lifting and digging will be easy as soon as we can get it off its pallet!

It’s perfect for what we need and will be used to great effect for our driveway, garden, barn, and general lifting to save our backs.

See more about all the work our little green #minidigger gets up to. You can also see works in the garden on our Notes From Le Chassaing youtube channel

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