In the cider house the pigeon poop and rodent poop and chicken poop is cleared the rubbish is removed, the concrete floor, the screed, the self levelling compound, the electrics, the plumbing and the washing of beams and floors. The beams and floor are removed for the mezzanine first floor.

Phase one of the Cider House is complete

We still have the roof to fix / replace as the tiles are very old and crumbly
We still have the stairs to fit, windows to fit, walls to plaster and point balustrade to add to the mezzanine, stud walling to fit, bathroom to fit tiling to complete and the interior to decorate.

We will be back to focusing on the barn now that we have some dry storage and utility room space.

Here is a quick video form my phone camera to show the phase one results.

We fitted some temporary glass for the winter and removed the ivy from the front wall. We then replaced the slipped tiles on the roof above the window to prevent leaks. When the weather turned cooler in October I brought in the butterfly and papyrus plants to shelter for the winter months. We now have a clean (ish) drying room to towel down the dogs and store our boots and raincoats.

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