This week we’ve been clearing out the barn in preparation for roof renovations. This is just one tiny section. The barn is 60ft long by 20ft wide.

Jobs included; rotten floor out, joists out soon then scaffolding up to the rafters. The ground floor ceiling height was quite low at this end of the barn. We’ve decided to open it up to the rafters and install a new floor above the sewage pipes (you can see in the images where the new floor will be) this will hopefully be the start of our new utility room.

You can see an opening at the back. This was a window and will become the new pedestrian door at the back of the barn. This will link to a porch and double doors into our kitchen. That’s the plan….. Lots to do.

While clearing we’ve found a few treasures in the old barn from the late 70’s early 80’s which is when the house was last lived in. There are also some old photographs from the 1920’s I’ll get some images of those posted next week.

Treasures in the old barn

Cuuute kitch flask with thermos glass intact and a huge Le Creuset pan that’s in good condition £300 to buy new! Where there’s muck there’s brass!

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