This Morning we woke up to snow again! We enjoyed a lovely Sunday morning walk in the winter chill. Coco was very excited. But not as excited as Simon who was ready to collect our new range style cooker. He’s been preparing for this day and similar days ahead by making his very own platform not for sliding down winter slopes. This one has wheels for heavy removals. I took it a spin in the lounge last night. I encouraged Coco and Bert to get on the big wheelie platform but they thought I was nuts and promptly jumped off.

The Journey over to Loughborough was quite interesting. All the other van rentals for the day had canceled due to snowy conditions but we didn’t let that put us off. We’re used to living at the top of the snow capped hills and the sun was due to shine so off we went.

PS – if I’m boring you scroll down to video titled ‘Jockey Winch In Action!’

Collecting Our eBay Rangemaster Cooker

Here is the platform that Simon made with castor wheels (Length 1000mm x Width 700mm) to assist us with the move because backache is something that we don’t enjoy. I’m just over 1,524 mm tall (that’s 5ft ish) and Simon is 1,828mm tall (that’s 6ft ish). When we carry furniture about he’s quite a bit stronger than me although the weight always ends up at my end because I’m shorter. We have a lot of stuff to move and we’re not getting any younger so we’re planning to take care as we go along. Hence the platform and winch.

Once we got our lovely new cooker into the van we had to get it out and stowed away! Simon thought this was funny.

Nicola demo’s ‘winching’ not that tricky. The hardest thing was the positioning of wires and protecting the cooker from potential damage. I did have visions of the heavyweight wheeling off the ramp and landing in a muddy puddle. There are still plenty of opportunities for this vision to come to fruition but for now…

Safely Stowed away whoop!

our friend Bertie

Looking forward to the next phase – winch on, winch off in France!

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