The Goyt valley trail is a place that demands your attention. A huge bowl either side a ridgeline railway path. This unique path means it’s easy to navigate, user-friendly, with wheelchair access too. Accessibility is an opportunity to meet all walks of life – dog walkers, holidaymakers, ramblers, runners, artists, photographers…. all loving the spring sunshine. Bring on the vitamin D.

It feels good to be out in the wild and I can’t wait to experience the differences of the French, Creuse countryside. I’m thinking of filming one of those walking videos for YouTube. Seems like an odd thing to me but I hear that people find ‘virtual walking’ hugely relaxing.

Back in Derbyshire on the Goyt Valley trail, I can’t believe how popular it’s become over the last 16 years. Just like Monsal Dale since the opening of the cycling path (encouraging healthy lifestyles). The old railway track has rocketed in popularity connecting Bakewell almost all the way to Buxton (but not quite). When that last section opens the town will have a tourist explosion along with the opening of the grand Buxton Crescent. The place is filled with optimism which is more than can be said for many places accross the UK in March 2019

There’s plenty of Derbyshire to see and enjoy a little bit of tranquility. I headed out to Tideswell Village in March as part of a web development project. Another popular tourist spot in the Peak District. The Cathedral of the Peak has quite the presence! A pleasant backdrop to my walk through the village. I didn’t miss the opportunity to sample a freshly baked bun from Tindalls.

This is all before Easter Holidays begin. ‘Don’t get me wrong’ I do welcome tourists one and all.

I also love the off season.

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