Getting up early to see the morning mist is quite something. We’ve been here six weeks now and entering our seventh week of sunshine. Three mornings of heavy rain but always sunshine at some point in the day. My French neighbours tell me I’ll hate the winter. I’m interested to see how winter compares to the chilly months of Buxton.

It’s been a slow week in terms of renovation progress. The bathroom floor has all of its heating and water pipes plus electrical work in place. Lots of planning and thinking required for heating pipes and electrical wiring throughout the house. It made our heads hurt trying to imagine where everything will be positioned.

Our designs include a substantial service cupboard in the kitchen for all amenities heating, electrical and drainage. This all centers around a false wall in the bathroom to provide maximum wriggle room. It’s an old house with exposed beams so there is no void between ceilings and floor spaces to hide all of your pipes and electric cabling. A certain amount of boxing in or sympathetic surface mounted pipework could be in order. Either way, we are trying to keep this minimal. Hiding sockets in the built-in wardrobes within the chimney alcoves is one solution. Thinking about hairdryers, chargers and that kind of thing all tucked away in the wardrobe seems logical. Plugs by the bedside for lamps. We are currently testing remote-controlled lighting. There is still a switch on the wall but no wires. Liking the sound of that!

Not forgetting a happy birthday to cousins Gaynor and Jodie. August is a busy month indeed for birthdays and wedding anniversaries!

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