The neighbour brought us a fresh melon from his garden – we love him, what a kind thing to do. He was disgusted that melons are charged at 2 Euros in the shops and yet so bountiful in his garden. It’s just like home in Buxton where we shared our tomatoes, hardy plants and courgettes.

Today I picked blackberries in the sunshine with my son Alex. I remember making blackberry and apple pies with my Mum in the summer holidays when I was a little girl. Same happy times passed on through the generations. Wonderful. What’s your family tradition? Tell me in the comments below.

Not like your average delivery

We have a daily delivery of something whether we want it or not. You would not believe the door to door service offered. Cheese, Fresh bread, tarts, flans all conveniences all delivered to your door. Not forgetting the post. I know we get the same in the UK but I just can’t describe how it feels. It’s quite a different experience here. I’ll try to show a video. The salespeople are so charismatic. The vans are not small and they open up in the market stall style fully refrigerated with a counter and everything. Very impressive. Our delivery people (who I’m practicing my French with) clearly love what they do. Taking time for you to taste and enjoy the food. It really is ALL about the FOOOOOD.

As if the delivery of food wasn’t enough it is also bountiful just on our daily walk. Yesterday we foraged plumbs and today blackberries. The trees around us are full of pears, apples and sweet chestnuts slowly ripening as the seasons move on.

I have no excuse with jams and cakes aplenty – I am piling on the weight – more walking required!

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