Everyone is glad to see the back of 2020. The start to 2021’s Happy New Year has been a chilly one.

We took a trip to the UK to see our family for Christmas with a plan to visit Cornwall together. Wow! What an adventure that became. We enjoyed our break, it was wonderful to see our son and stay with Simon’s parents for a quiet rest from renovations and online work.

As the news unfolded our Christmas Holiday became challenging at times.
Not long after arriving in a tier 2 area with test and release booked, we were ready to enjoy the Christmas cheer with our three family ‘bubble’. Nope, that was not allowed. Our area was upgraded to tier 3 by Mr Johnson, then tier 4 for the whole South of England and no Christmas visiting with Family. The next decision came from Mr. Macron who promptly shut the border between the UK and France who then decided that admittance was only allowed but only with a negative COVID test within 72 hours. We chased down a test center offering same-day result COVID tests after the Christmas bank holiday. Our Eurotunnel was booked for the 28th. We had no option but to go off to central London where the ‘new virus strain’ was surging for our tests to travel.

Our tests arrived back negative and we were permitted to travel. We joined the other 16 other cars back to France. The Britsh Army and French Pompiers were still testing and marshaling the poor lorry drivers who’d been stationary on the road for 2 days. The M20 looked like a rubbish tip. Barely any facilities provided for the lorry driving folks who keep our countries stocked with goods and running.

Thankfully the new year in France is less stressful. Maily because we don’t have to keep a constant eye on the news. We have the chance to admire the scenery and take in some very cold fresh air.

Happy New Year – A glimpse of the new year at Le Chassaing

On that note, we wish you and yours all the best of happiness, health, and prosperity for 2021. We can’t wait to welcome you to Le Chassaing this year x

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