The farmhouse has some creature comforts and is beginning to resemble a home. There are lots of bits to complete and walls to fill. Then we can begin adding new furniture to complement the old place.

Cooking in a kitchen with an actual oven and hob is a real luxury. I was so glad to hibernate the two-burner camping stove in one of the outbuildings just before our family arrived here for Christmas.

When the smell of home cooking and freshly baked bread begins to waft around the kitchen I know I’m home. How time flies, just one more week left until Alex packs his bags and heads back to The University of Sheffield for his second term. Now that I’ve seen him and cuddled him I know he’ll be fine to survive on his own. I hate saying goodbye.

For Simon and I, a busy week of meetings back in the UK dashing from city to city to fit everyone in. We are preparing our schedule for the coming year. 2020 looks fun packed with lots of projects beginning and a few to conclude in January.

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