Crikey wireless lighting how does that even work?

Here’s how…

Firstly you need to locate your light fitting. The wires then join up to your lighting circuit via a junction box then between your junction box and light fitting you add the control box. The box has a little LED light and is about the size of a matchbox. Your live wires from your lighting circuit run into the control box and your switched live runs out of the control box to your lights.

To connect your wireless switch simply press the button on the control box until the tiny LED on the box flashes. Then switch your switch to the on position and that’s it. The two units are paired. It’s important to position your junction box with your control unit somewhere that you can later access should you need to pair a new switch. We have not seen an originally paired switch unpair itself as yet.

You can stick your switch to the wall. There are screw fittings if required but we are testing out the sticky version and so far so good.

Distance and wall thickness has not been a problem for us. All switches and pairing has worked well including two-way switches and doubles. We have only seen one and two gang switches with a chunky European style and this suits us fine in France.

With a traditional light switch, you have to run the cable to the switch even when it is located on the far side of a room. The advantage of wireless is that there are no wires to dig into your walls and you can position your light switch almost anywhere!

The benefits are speed of fitting, easy application, and better safety. There are no hidden wires or power going to the switch itself.

Let there be light!

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