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I love gardening and nurturing my little plants and seedlings in to fully blooming marvelous plants. Simon likes the back-breaking work of landscaping. Ha! No, he doesn’t, but we toil together with spade and fork to bring our ideas to fruition #teamwork

Here’s a quick selection of images from the last couple of years. I’ll be transporting some of the cuttings to my new garden in France. Sadly I’ll be leaving my greenhouse behind as we have new plans for a ‘Passive Solar Greenhouse’. That’s in the future. At the moment it’s mainly landscaping and planning.

I just wanted to share our fond memories of the UK garden we left behind so you can see our progression and help us in our new creation. We’d love to hear your thoughts? Please get in touch using the comments section below.

Link to Le Chassaing Garden First Glance

Oh – a quick mention for Brown Box Flowers – this is my good friend Nadia Di Tullio’s world – she is the ultimate flower designer. Love her styling, wedding and interior floral design can’t get enough of it. Nadia is featured in loads of the UK home style magazines and wins lots of awards for her fabulous creations. Nadia and her husband David developed BBF to fill Derbyshire / Staffordshire homes with flowers via local delivery how cool is that! Don’t miss Nadia’s Flower Bombs – taking over a public space and filling with flowers just for fun. Insta Page Here

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