Happy New Year to one and all!

We wish you a prosperous 2020 filled with joy and wellbeing. At Le Chassaing we are waking from our Christmas slumber. The days have been short and bright with the sun on our faces. Striding outside with the pooches brings warmth and energy to begin a new day. The garden and woodland is feeling it too. Bulbs are peeping out and the witch hazel is showing signs of life. There must be no complacency though. The morning to midday sun is soon diminished and the frost creeps back in. The midwinter festival is complete but the winter will hold us in its grip a while longer yet.

This is the winter we love. The ice and frost are fine as long as it’s clear and bright. Our trip to Lyon was a bright change from the sleepy countryside. It’s always fun to feel the vibrancy of a city. The youngsters were gathering back to University and the bars were filled with holiday stories and a coming together of eager minds ready to get back to work.

I wish I could say the same for the rest of us. It was a real shock to the system to get up and get back to work this week! After dodging French train strikes due to potential loss of pensions we managed to find Mum & Dad a flight to Barcelona to meet their connecting train. Oh, the wonders of winter sunshine and the escape from the madness. No wonder the French are striking they want their retirement to arrive as expected not years later than planned and who can blame them.

It’s been a dramatic decade as Britain prepares to leave its European partnership. So long old friend. On the 31st of January, let the divorce proceedings begin.

My birthday has been and gone. Celebrated in style. Off we went to Lyon an amazing city. Got totally giddy in a student bar and then ended up in a French Caribbean Reunion Island restaurant. Most amazing food and a hillariously funny night. Not as expected but one to remember. Very special evening with family. Lots more planned for more celebrations in the coming months when we meet up with family and friends again.

Can’t wait. 2020 here we come x

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