Christmas is coming and the countdown has begun.

The leaves are still on the trees and the colours are amazing. We’re still seeing plenty of sunshine, a couple of times a week we get to sit outside for a cuppa. The warmth on your face is a welcome break from heavy showers, and flurries of snow.

It’s 22 days and counting until the family arrives for Christmas and there is a lot to do. Every room is in some form of progress but none quite finished! I can’t wait to get the Christmas lights and decorations unpacked. There are a few more filthy dusty jobs to complete but now we’re on to the details.

Finally getting everything out of boxes will be like Christmas before Christmas. It will be six months since I last saw our ‘stuff’ and I have to say I’ve missed the creature comforts of all the little bits and bobs that make a house a home.

Pictures coming soon x

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