Forage for seasoned tree felled oak from the 1980s in Dad’s barn.

You will of course need to find your own supply of preferred wood. There will be more info on wood types and finishes. Just go to the woodwork section in the interests tab to find out more.

  1. Clean rough edges off with a number scrub plane
  2. Allow to dry
  3. Shape into interesting house shape obelisc
  4. Plane with special tools lovingly restored – see more posts on woodworking tools.
  5. Drill holes of various sizes with slight gradient downwards for rainwater to drain out
  6. Cover with two coats of melted beeswax and polish finish
  7. Complete with instruction and personalised letter for neat little Mason Bee south facing garden homes
  8. Present as gifts for close friends and family
No, Dad, it’s not a drill bit stand – although that can be arranged!

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