It’s the day after my Reiki session with Anna Monaghan on Facebook. Anna (an experienced therapist and Reiki practitioner), is trained to level 2 Usui Reiki and is due to complete her ‘Reiki Master Status’ soon. She now offers Reiki sessions for paying customers. Check out her website for sessions offered at Glow Reiki

My first session was over a year ago. The thought of someone waving their hands just above my fully clothed body to align my chakras seemed an odd thing to do. I went with the flow and actually enjoyed the relaxed and peaceful sensation. In the following days I felt refreshed and well-focused.

Lavender, Geranium, & TeaTree Natural Planet Wax Candle

Did this release of energy set the wheels in motion for moving to renovate an old French farmhouse? Maybe I was able to consider objectively and focus on doing what I love above anything else. Of course, I knew that being permanently happy would have a very positive outcome for everyone around me? I am indeed living my dream life despite the Corna virus intervention.

Along with all alternative therapies, skepticism is expected and my advice is don’t knock it until you’ve tried it. With the lockdown in France now reaching into Week 7 it was time to forget calculations of death, fear of a spreading virus, worrying about everyone I know, wondering what on earth governments are doing to economy and health and, at last, release the anxiety.

Anna (as always in tune with her friends) quietly offered a ‘distance Reiki session’. An opportunity to receive all of those Reiki good vibes on the breeze from the UK. We set a date, time synched our music, and off we went.

I relaxed, breathed deeply, and set off on my effortless journey. A break from the streaming conscience. An ever so slightly indulgent and happy experience. Thoughts come and go but strangely they don’t consume me. This is refreshing, usually, I get stuck on a thought and repeat over which is very tiresome. Thankfully it’s not the case during the Reiki session. Thoughts are dispelled quickly, I can feel niggles, slight joint pain, and warmth but not all at the same time in the same area. This sensation moves across my body. Is this because I know my therapist is moving? Does it matter?

Anna also picked my daily tarot card and crystal to help with guidance. Focusing on the subject she is drawn to certain elements. A card might simply fall out of the deck. My card was Six of Wands and Crystal was Tiger Eye both with positive interpretations to encourage me in the right direction.
Whatever your thoughts around alternative therapies maybe it’s just good to feel positive. We never really take the time to concentrate on being happy and surely that’s the key to a good life?

Anna doesn’t preach the holistic virtues and is well aware of her spiritual gift of body intuition. She simply says. “If you’re looking for relaxation, pain relief, a boost, or just a little ‘me’ time, my Reiki treatments might be just what you’re looking for!”  If you are new to Reiki this is exactly how you should approach your first session with an open mind for relaxation.

This is my second Reiki session with Anna. For me, the feeling is meditative. I’m persuing the ability to clear my mind and focus on nothing or one inanimate object throughout. This often sends me off to sleep which is a wonderful thing. Relaxing but not the exact clarity of mind that I was looking for.

In the moment there is the expectation of a physical sensation that is surpassed by relaxation. Aware but not aware, focused on breathing. The longer-lasting experience for me signifies a positive shift physically and mentally. I drink plenty of water as instructed but still feel thirsty the next day. I feel energised and have not felt the need for a glass of wine which is astonishing during lockdown! I’m craving the outdoors really enjoying walking in the spring rain and sunshine. I think this is what feeling grounded is all about.

There is no excuse for missing out on the opportunity to just feel great. I recommend you book a session you might surprise yourself!
Here are Anna’s details online at her new website Glow Reiki

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