The sunshine has been out and so have we. Our ‘daily allowance’ of walking time is keeping us healthy and sane.
More news on the farmhouse loft (bathroom) progress coming soon. We patiently await Ian the plastering man to join us post lockdown in June to complete the loft ceiling and begin the downstairs tiling. We also dream of shopping for the new tiles eventually…
While we wait nature has put on a fabulous spring show.
Here are some of the highlights.

We are walking further along the little pathways in the woodlands. At last, the winter hunting season has ended.
As the sun goes down acrobatic house martins have returned to France. They play chase and gather insects. The low hum has begun reminding us of the heat and the summer to follow. There’s a quickening of wildlife releasing mating calls, and generally going for it. The ground is alive, the dark soil is gently warming seedlings. They begin to reach skyward along with the weeds.
It’s a full-time occupation to observe the daily changes. This is our little 1km distance allowed Creuse bubble world.

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