So where did August and September go!

Keeping up with the day job

We have only been able to work on the renovations at the weekend as Simon’s software engineering takes priority. My goodness it’s been busy. Our French lessons are happening and improvement is happening slowly. We learn more every day.

We did take a day out to the lake and ate a lovely meal in the sunshine. This was the replacement for our canceled August holiday with the family. After the UK added a 14-day quarantine to returning travelers and also invalidating insurance for travelers to France and most of Europe. The FCO Declared it unsafe to travel to due to higher cases of COVID-19.

One thing COVID-19 has shown us is not to take anything for granted. Our family, work, and colleagues have kept us going. It’s been so difficult for everyone to get along with life and work in general with nothing to plan for and nothing to look forward to. You can’t help but feel a bit down in the dumps.

We’ve survived and thrived by making the most of our home here in France growing fabulous veg and eating amazing food. It’s all become part of the day job

In September our son Alex was keen to get back to University so we dropped him off at the airport with only a handful of passengers heading to their 14 day UK quarantine. I was very sad to see him go. I won’t be able to see him settled in to his new accommodation as planned. It will be his 20th Birthday on the 2nd October. How time has flown and how independent he’s become.

With the UK quarantine for travellers in place it is too restrictive for Simon and I to take 14 days and then extra time on top to visit the UK. We can of course go anywhere else (with our masks on) but nothing feels quite the same does it? We are very lucky that Simon’s software engineering work is very busy right now with three large projects all coming to fruition at the same time. We are extremely thankful to be busy and exhausted too.

Work on the Farmhouse at Le Chassaing has been delayed and our opportunity to get the barn roof covered throughout the late summer has been thwarted. The day job comes first. We now have several days of pouring rain. The well is filling up and the water table is replenished. The fire is on and it feels like Autumn, we need to get the wood in fast. We are making the most of sunny intervals when they appear. We hope that you and yours are well and adjusting to this strange world?

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