Window and garden! The work continues outdoors. Spring is almost here!

The window to our garden has been a long time in the making. We had to decide where to knock the hole through the back of our home to make the most of the view. We thought about double doors form the lounge or kitchen but this would require deeper excavation and landscaping. As we pretty much live outside working, cooking, eating, relaxing from March to October we wanted to shape the home, window and garden to suit our lifestyle.

Our daily routine revolves around our two dogs Bertie and Coco. Getting them in and out of the home without spreading dirt everywhere is a priority. We love them to sit by the fire with us on a winter evening and we want them to have an outdoor space without getting in to our planned flowerbeds and veg patch. Also avoiding our fury friends from chomping on bark chips and spending the rest of the day retching is a priority!

The plan is to have an extended utility room and outdoor kitchen area making use of the huge barn space. We have a door shaped hole from the kitchen to the barn but first we have to raise the floor to avoid too many steps. The single barn door will then become the main entrance to the house at the front to share with all of our visitors, keeping our snug lounge pretty much separate.

In this week’s video update Simon continues with his oak window while Nicola cleans layers of paint off the old French window bolts and creates two new compost bins in the woodland. There’s a brief tour of the garden / rubbish tip and talk about plans for ongoing renovations. The sun is shining so Simon gets all of the boy’s toys out. His pride and joy at the moment is the mini digger which has been a real investment in terms of saving our backs. There is lots of digging and lifting to do so we let the green machine take the strain.

Window and garden progress
We can’t wait for the light to pour in

You can see more of our video’s on our YouTube channel here you can find playlists on the window and Garden progress and also the barn restoration. If you have any questions about any of our projects please feel free to get in touch. We’d love to hear from you. Your encouragement really does keep us going. You can also select blog post categories on our web site such as the renovation section. Or join our mailing list to get more news and details on our projects. Don’t worry, we won’t bombard you with emails. If I can manage one a month on top of all the other work this will be an achievement.

It’s been a busy couple of weeks not just window and garden progress but all sorts of jobs that need doing around the farmhouse. The pointing of walls has slowed down. Although the days have been bright and sunny the nights have been colder with minus temperatures. All of our little seedlings are snuggled up indoors waiting for the frosts to subside. We have been able to get on with the garden and the guttering. Watch out for our next YouTube video it should be available soon.

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